Tips for a medical school interview

Medical schools will only grant interviews to those who have met their minimum admission requirements. Schools use interviews to get to know their candidates. Therefore, candidates should use this opportunity to demonstrate to the admission committee that you really deserve a place at their school.
There are few general principles that you should follow for any type of medical school interviews:

  1. Be prepared.
  2. During the interview, take your time to answer the questions
  3. Ask well prepared questions towards the end of the interview
  4. Dress appropriately.  Make sure you have good eye contact, smile, courteous and be positive. 

There are a few tips to avoid some commonly made mistakes:

1. Arrive late
2. Dress inappropriately
3. Coming unprepared
4. Getting defensive in your answers
5. Not able to answer the question asked.

Lastly, write a thank you note / email to the interviewer to thank him/her for the time. This is good basic business etiquette. You will leave the interviewer a positive impression and may remember you because you have done this.

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