What the medical profession is about? What do doctors do?


Medical profession is an occupation that protects, promotes and restores good health with a focus on identifying, diagnosing and treating illnesses using scientific, evidence-based and highly specialized knowledge. It is an occupation where caring for the patient is the first concern.1

To become a doctor, you need to complete a degree in medicine.  You will also required further training after graduation (this is called residency training) in order to practice medicine.

As a doctor, you can work in a hospital, (e.g. if you are a surgeon, you will be operating on patients in a hospital), work in the community (e.g. many family physicians and pediatricians see their patients in their medical offices), or even work at the university as a researcher or professor.  There are many different career options for doctors.

Medicine is hard work but it is definitely a rewarding career.  When you are young, sometimes it is difficult to know whether this is a right career choice for you.  If you are interested or thinking about a career in medicine, you should speak with your doctor the next time you visit him/her.  You may also try to volunteer at your local hospital to get an idea what working in a hospital is like. 

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