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Bearing Academy is certified by the Myers-Briggs Company (a global provider in psychometric assessments with office worldwide) and is now offering Strong Interest Inventory (SII) assessments to candidates who wish to explore education and career paths.  SII is psychometric assessment that can help you make decisions about their career and education. Whether you are in high school, in university, post-graduates and thinking about changing your career or considering other options, this assessment will provide in-depth information about your personal interest which can help guide your future decisions. It is important to keep in mind that the SII measures personal interests, not skills or abilities. The results are aimed in helping you guide you in a career that is related to your work activities, education programs and leisure activities. As you work with our practitioner remember that managing your career is a life long commitment.

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Goal:  To complete the Strong Interest Inventory assessment and to understand how your interest can relate to your education and career goals.  This may assist and inform you in making important future education and career decisions. 


Outcome: To gain an in-depth understanding of personal interests, personality and personal preference for leadership, team work and risk-taking and how that can align with your career, education, and personal development. The assessment also provides a list of occupations that suit the candidate personality, and preferred work environments, and helps guide your career exploration.


Session 1: Complete the Psychometric Assessment


This session is to be completed by the candidate on their own time prior to the debrief.  The assessment is done online and consists of different sets of multiple choice questions.  The assessment takes approximately 30 – 50 minutes to complete.  Once you complete the assessment, you simply submit it online and a certified psychometric practitioner will contact you to discuss your results.  



Session 2: Debrief (30 – 45 minutes)


A certified psychometric practitioner will guide you in understanding the results of the Strong Interest Inventory.  An official report of your results will be emailed to you 2 – 3 days prior to the debriefing session.  The debrief will examine your personal interests and the ways in which you approach people, learning, leading, making decisions and participating in a team and how this can relate to career, education, and personal development. You will receive a unique list of occupations that align with your personal interest, personality, leadership, team and work environment preferences etc.   



Frequently Asked Questions about the Strong Interest Inventory


What is a psychometric assessment?

Psychometric assessment is a powerful tool that evaluates a candidate’s personality, interests, abilities, attitudes, and skills.  These psychometric assessments have been rigorously tested for reliability and validity. Psychometric assessments are driven by decades of research.



How do psychometric tests work?

Psychometric tests are carefully designed to ensure that everyone who competes in a particular test has the same experience. This means that each candidate is presented with the same questions and has the amount of time to complete this test.   



Who is the Myers-Briggs Company (MBC)?

Myers-Briggs Company is world renown provider of psychometric assessments with offices worldwide (UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, and Singapore). MBC aims to help individuals enhance their performance in order to lead more successful and fulfilling lives. The company was founded by two psychology professors: Dr. John Davies Black and Dr. Harrison Gough whose goal was to use research-based psychology assessments to give people the insight and guidance they need to develop both personally and professionally.



What is the format of the SII and how long does it take to complete it?

The SII contains 282 multiple-choice questions rating your personal interests, personality, learning styles, leadership styles and work environment. The SII takes approximately 30 to 50 minutes to complete.



Can you prepare for the Strong Interest Inventory?

No, you cannot prepare for the Strong Interest Inventory assessment. Answer the questions to the best of your ability and do not overthink the questions.  The assessment does not test ability or suitability for the career, but rather it examines your personal interests and personality in depth.  



What is the Strong Interest Inventory?

The Strong Interest Inventory assessment provides insight into your personal interest, learning styles, leadership styles, and work environments to help guide professional, career planning, career development and education. The assessment can help you consider potential career and education paths. The SII has been backed up by over 80 years of research into people of similar interests and understanding what motivates individuals in their workplace.  The results delivered can assist in helping plan for the future.



What are the key features of the SII?

  • The SII is backed up by over 80 years of research into how people of similar interests are employed, and what motivates them in the workplace
  • The SII examines 6 broad interest areas and determines to what extent the candidate is artistic, social, enterprising, conventional and realistic
  • The SII ranks the top 10 most compatible occupations from a possible 260 specific jobs
  • The assessment examines individual personality styles with personal style in teams, leadership, and risk-taking



Who will benefit from the Strong Interest Inventory?

Everyone will benefit from the SII. Whether you are a high school student, a university student, a recent graduate, or anyone who is working early, mid or higher level of their career. The assessment can help anyone understand their personality traits, interests and preferred work environments. The robust data insight can guide your decisions in the future.



How will you benefit from the Strong Interest Inventory?

The Strong Interest Inventory assessment to help identify your interest, and this will allow you to

  • Direct career exploration at various stages in your life:  high school, university student, post-graduate, early career, mid-career, etc.
  • Achieve satisfaction in your education and work
  • Identify career options that align with your personal interests
  • Understand interests in relation to your personality
  • Choosing appropriate education and training relevant to personal interests
  • Optimizing interest in shaping career direction by understanding the preferred learning environment
  • Learn and understand personal preferences for leadership, teamwork, risk-taking



Why is Bearing Academy offering Strong Interest Inventory?


To help our candidates understand their personality, interests, and work environment preferences, and allows Bearing to match the candidates with the most suitable psychometric practitioners and consultants. Bearing wants to see our candidates excel in their career and education endeavours. The SII provides robust data that can help guide career and education exploration.