Bearing Academy Introduces English Immersion Program for Hong Kong Families Interested in Living in England (BNO Visa) 


Bearing Academy is proud to announce a new immersion program, helping families to become accustomed to the English Education system. Our courses are designed for both parents and children. 

Please see below for details:


Immersion Course 

Aim: To help students improve their English and enhance their critical thinking skills. To mirror the style of teaching in England and help students adapt to and be successful in the English education system.

Start Date: 12 July, 2021 

Cost: £450 per student, per 10 session course

Class Size: 6 Students: 1 Tutor 

Welcome to the UK! Bearing Academy wants to assist your transition into the English Education system. This immersion course is designed by top ranking, Russell Group University alumnus to help you gain the skills and confidence you need to succeed in the English education system. Our tutors are from the Top Russell Group Universities, each with extensive knowledge of the English Education System.

This interactive course will provide students with the opportunity to gain both the knowledge and confidence to excel with their studies in England.

Our teaching methods familiarise students with the English teaching style and content, focusing on student engagement. From our experience, students who undergo an immersion course adapt to the English Education system much faster and show greater retention of the language. The course covers traditional school subjects (e.g. History, Geography, English, etc.). The class sizes are aimed to build the students’ confidence and replicate the interactive nature of English teaching.  


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Advice for studying in the UK 

Aim: To assist parents with the transition to the English Education system.

Launch Date: 12 July, 2021  

Cost: £200 per parent/couple, for the 1-hour session 

Class size: 6 parents (couples are welcome!): 1 Consultant

Welcome to the UK! Bearing Academy is helping parents become familiar with the English Education system.  We work with families from all over the world to achieve their academic goals in England.

This course is to inform parents of the English education system so that they can choose the right school for their children. The course provides an overview and general advice on the types of schools (boarding schools, public/private/state schools), gender of attending students (all girls/ all boys/ mixed) and the exams ( GCSEs, A-level, and IB) etc. 

Our consultants have extensive knowledge of the English education system. The class will consist of 6 parents (couples can attend the session together) to 1 consultant.


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Note: Course commencement and timing is subject to our confirmation and discretion