Professional Medical School And Law School Entry Preparation Consultation For The Aspiring Candidates


Professional medical school and law school entry preparation consultation for the aspiring candidates   

Getting admission into a professional medical or legal school can be very challenging, given that the colleges get applications from thousands of candidates but only have a handful of seats to offer. So, unless you have done well in medical school entry preparation or law school entry preparation and are able to get the attention of the admission officers about your unique abilities through the personal statement, extracurricular activities, and smart answers to interview questions, your chances of getting accepted will be very low.

For admission to medical schools in the USA, students need to pass the MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) that determines their ability to think critically, write clearly, and measure their knowledge of various scientific concepts. A good score on MCAT is thus important to secure your seat in the medical college. The admission committee will not expect you to have actual experience treating patients, you are not yet a doctor, but they would certainly want you to have spent time getting to know what your future job would be like. Extracurricular activities and job shadowing are great ways to show some medical experience to the admission officers. 

Concerned about numerical qualifiers, consider conditional admission program   

When it comes to law, students apply from all educational backgrounds. Some begin law school entry preparation immediately after completing their undergraduate studies while others study law later in life, bringing with them experience and perspectives that they have gained in life. LSAT (Law School Admission Test) measures the skills deemed necessary for admission to a law school in the US. It measures the logic, reasoning, and advanced reading comprehension of the candidate. If you are concerned about the numerical qualifiers, you may consider applying for a conditional admission program offered by some law schools that provide an excellent way to get a feel of the rigors and demands of the law school. After completing the program, you may be admitted to the law school.   

Consultations by recent graduates of the program 

There are many more aspects of law school admission preparation and medical school entry preparation that professional consultants of Bearing Academy can help you with. The consultation is provided by the recent graduates of the program, so they can share their experiences more closely with the candidates. In the 40 minutes consultation for law school entry preparation or medical school entry preparation, the consultants will discuss time management strategies and discuss the importance of work-life balance, and mental health and wellness. With an additional premium package, students can ask additional questions that they face or want advice on within the first three months of commencing their academic medical or legal programs.   

The all-in consultation packages 

The all-in consultation package by Bering Academy that includes professional career advisory and school application package includes consultations on introduction to the profession, professional school application, personal statement, interview training, as well as “Get Ready” session. The package remains active for a period of twelve months from the commencement of the first session. With its ongoing general advisory throughout professional school, Bearing Academy helps the candidates to resolve academic, social, and other issues faced by them during their professional studies.   

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