Showcasing Your Prowess in University Applications on MathematicsĀ and Interviews



Mathematics is often referred to as the universal language. For students who are interested in mathematics, effectively showcasing this prowess in application is essential. Let's explore strategies to make your mathematical talent stand out in applications and interviews.  


Personal Statement, Portfolio and Letter of Recommendations


The first step is crafting a compelling personal statement for your university application.  Begin by expressing your interest in the subject, such as using an anecdote about how a complex mathematics problem challenged and inspired you.   Personal stories often resonate more strongly than generic statements.  


Next, emphasize your mathematics-related achievements during high school, such as winning in competitions, taking advanced coursework, or even applications of mathematics in real-world scenarios.  This will convey your genuine enthusiasm for the subject.  


If you secure a university interview after submitting your personal statement,  a portfolio becomes a crucial tool to further demonstrate your abilities to the interview panel.  A portfolio should not only summarize your past work but showcase select pieces in detail.  For instance, include research projects or math clubs you have participated in, and even discussions you have engaged in on online forums about complex mathematical problems. In your portfolio, elaborate on your thought process to highlight the depth of your understanding and your dedication.   


You will need to include referees in your university application. Selecting the right referees is important, as their endorsement can greatly influence your application’s success.   


A letter of recommendation from your high school mathematics teacher or mentor who has closely observed your work can be highly persuasive.   If you have participated in internship or summer activities in charitable organisations, for example, tutoring young children in their mathematics coursework,  a letter emphasizing your passion for mathematics and your capability to apply mathematical concepts in real-world situations can be valuable.


Ace the interview 


Math-related university programs typically include meticulous interview rounds that involve solving math problems on-site to select candidates with the academic ability and potential to succeed in the course.   Often, multiple interviewers participate, with some acting as silent observers.  Usually, universities provide candidates with a two-week notice before the interview date.  


To excel in an interview, familiarise yourself with foundation mathematical principles, and how they can be applied practically.  This preparation will help you discuss confidently with the interview panel.    Preparation is the key to success.  Some universities, such as the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford showcase examples of interview questions on their websites.   These serve as valuable research references for potential questions before the interview.  


During the interview,  students are advised to engage proactively by not only addressing the questions but also demonstrating their enthusiasm.  For instance, inquiring about the university’s mathematical research ventures can show your keen interest in the field.


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