Vahid Assadi


Dr. Vahid Assadi obtained his PhD in Business Administration from DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University in Canada. Focusing on the areas of Management Science and Information Systems, he continued his tenure at McMaster as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Digital Transformation Research Center where he worked as an expert on issues related to the use of Information Technology by organizations and individuals. He also holds a Bachelor’s in Software Engineering and a Master’s in Information Technology and Systems. With an extensive world-class training and diverse work experience, he has established himself as someone with niche mastery in bridging a gap between technology, people, and organizations. As such, he has built strong foundations in software engineering, organizational, management, and decision making issues, as well as individual psychology of IT use. He has held various positions across academia and a number of industries including software, information technology and services, automotive, healthcare, government, IT litigation, retail, entrepreneurship, agriculture, and higher education. Notable results of his work include development of a fully integrated Management Information System currently implemented in 50 production plants, publications/presentations at top tier information systems journals and conferences, teaching 2000+ students in various countries, a successful track record of consulting projects, and advising various Fintech startup initiatives.

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