Helen Erikson



Helen has an extensive background in business with experience in Investment Banking, Private Equity, Fund Accounting, Executive Compensation, Commercial Banking, Consulting, and Strategy. Currently, Helen works in the Insurance Industry in the strategic business arm.


Having worked in different areas of the financial world, Helen developed a deep understanding as to what it takes to break into those careers. Since 2012 Helen has been helping students obtain internships and full-time offers at investment banks and other corporates companies. Helen also specializes in MBA applications, helping students receive that coveted acceptance, and then ultimately make the right choice for one of their big life decisions, attending graduate school. It is important that the applicant’s life aspirations, intended future geographical location, career goals, scholarship opportunities, and school fit are considered along with other very personal and unique circumstances. “As we prepare you for this important step in your life, we will plan for the whole you.”


Helen is passionate about getting to know her applicants and helping them craft their individual story in order to stand out in front of MBA application committees, internships, and full-time job recruiters. “It is so important to highlight the deep and meaningful experiences in a way that will resonate with admission counselors and job recruiters to move you forward in the process. With that in mind, we will work to present you as a whole with your unique story.”


Helen received her MBA at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a BBA in finance from Baruch College. She also attended Columbia University for graduate studies in financial accounting.  

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