Bearing Academy introduces a new British Education immersion program


Bearing Academy is glad to announce our new British Education immersion program which has been designed to help families who want to become accustomed to the English Education system. In short, this course is designed for Hong Kong families interested to live in England (BNO Visa). Our course is for both parents and children.

This course will help students in improving their English as well as hone their critical thinking skills. The program is designed with the aim of mirror the style of teaching in England and help students to adapt it to gain success in the English education system. The English immersion program will start in 12th July 2021 and costs £450 per student, per 10 session course. Only six students are assigned the class with one tutor. 

The benefit of the British Education Immersion Program

By introducing this program, Bearing Academy wants to support its candidate's transition into the English education system. The course is designed by the leading, Russell Group University alumnus to help you in gaining skills and boost your confidence level in the English Education system. Our tutors are from top Russell Group Universities and have extensive knowledge and experience in the realm of the English Education System. With this interactive course, students will get an opportunity to gain knowledge as well as develop the confidence level to excel with their studies in England. Our teaching methods are student-friendly and focus on student engagement. Students who undergo this immersion course can easily adapt to English education and showcase great retention of the language. In this course, we have included traditional school subjects like history, English, geography, etc. The classes are focused on developing the confidence level in the students and replicate the interactive nature of English Teaching. 

Session to advice on studying in the UK

With this session, Bearing Academy is trying to help the parents by assisting them with the understanding of the English Education system. We work with families across the world to achieve their academic goals in England. By this course, we would like to provide complete information about the English Education system so that parents can decide the right school for their children. In this course, we provide the complete overview and general advice about types of schools (boarding, public, private, state schools), exams (GCSEs, A-level, and IB), and gender of attending students (all girls, boys, and mixed)

At Bearing Academy, we are backed by a highly knowledgeable team of consultants that ensure to provide you complete information about the English education system. In the session, 6 parents (couples can attend the session together) are assigned to 1 consultant.

Do you also want to enroll in our English immersion program or need to attend our session? If yes, then please contact us to get more information and for enrolment. 




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