Interview Preparation

Item No.: Consultation D

Category: Pre and on-going MBA Advisory

USD $4700.00

Are you ready and prepared for the most challenging 45 mins face-to-face meeting you have yet faced in your life? There is so much you want to tell the interviewer : your confidence, your passion, your capability, your career aspiration, your exciting work experience but so little time. You are trying to cramp so much in it you might end-up losing your focus. In the most extreme case you might not even get there as you might have panic before the actual meeting.

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Ideal Candidates:  Candidates who have Received an Interview Invitation for MBA Programs


Interviewing is not a “black art”, it is not a skill that “you either have it or not”.  At Bearing Academy, we believe all candidates can excel in presenting themselves in an interview through structured and disciplined training.  Our expert consultants build confidence in candidates by assisting them at each and every step of their challenging and stressful interview process.  We will work one-on-one with the candidates and give detailed feedback to improve their communication skills and verbal reasoning. Note:  We do advise candidates to consult us as early as possible.  If a candidate comes to us for help late in the game, there may not be enough time to do the right preparation and training.  We will however try to do our best under these circumstances, but candidates should be aware that this could be a potential barrier. 



To help candidates prepare for MBA interviews by fine-tuning communication and interviewing skills.




Session 1 (45 Minutes)

The introductory session to discuss interviewing concepts and techniques.  We will work on communication skills and verbal reasoning.



Sessions 2 to 5 (45 Minutes)

From session 2 and onwards, we conduct mock interviews using “frequently asked questions”. We provide constructive feedbacks to the candidates.



Final outcome: 

To ensure the candidates are prepared and confident for the interview.



While on average Five sessions will be adequate for most candidates, some candidates may require additional sessions to familiarise themselves with the interview process or build confidence in doing it. Additional sessions are available at an additional cost for a 45-minute session.