Get-Ready Program Preparation (MBA Entry Preparatory Briefing Before Commencement of the Program)

Item No.: Consultation E

Category: Pre and on-going MBA Advisory

USD $700.00

Congratulations on your admission to your desired MBA program! You are one step closer to achieving your dreams. However, you might not be quite sure about what to expect in the program and what to do in the program building towards your final success. In this session we will discuss time management strategies and discuss the importance of work life balance. We will also discuss mental health and wellness. This consultation will be conducted by our consultants who are more recent graduates of the programs or current MBA students, and therefore will able to share their experiences and more closely relate to the candidates.

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Ideal Candidates:  Students who have Received an Offer for MBA Programs

Our expert consultants will work with students one-on-one to advise on practical steps to adopt to life in an MBA school, including courses and extra-curricular activities that can benefit their future business career.




To help candidates prepare for their MBA journey.


Final outcome: 

To ensure the candidates are well prepared to handle their early MBA school life.


This service is a 40 minutes session (with an additional premium package, you can ask additional questions that you face or want advice on within the first three months you commence your MBA program at business school by email)


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