Tips for writing a Grad school personal statement


Do you remember when you write your undergrad application essays? It was your chance to tell the college about you. In this part, you can talk about your hobbies, your favorite books, dreams, etc. which you think you share. Now it’s time to get ready to apply for grad school where you need to again write another application that decides your professional school admission.

What is the graduate school essay?

The grad school application is also known by different names like a personal statement, statement of purpose, etc. But, the professional grad application is different than your undergraduate essay where you might be put quip story. The grad personal application is more focused on your academic and personal goals and how you can achieve them. It gives a good idea to the admission committee about you and what your value at the same time. Whether you are applying for medical or legal school, personal statement plays a vital role in your admission process.

The requirements of writing a personal statement will vary from school to school but they will generally ask to write in 250 to 750 words.  Commonly grad application include following points like:-

  • What are your long and short term career goals?
  • Why you want to be admitted?
  • Why you need this degree?

Apart from this, the graduate admission committee can also ask you these things:-

  • Why you think their institution is the best place for you?
  • What you want to study in grad school?
  • Why you want to enroll in this course?

These are some points that you can explain in the paragraph to make it attractive for the admission committee.  Some of the key practice that can make your grad school application easy more appealing are discussed in this article.

Writing tips for personal statement

Before writing the personal statement, you should research your potential graduate programs and customize your easy according to each school. The admission committee is interested to know why you should choose their program so you can define the merits of their program. If you don’t read about programs then you can’t describe it which leads your negative impression.  Make the points in your mind what attracts you towards the school, why you want to enroll in this program? You can read the press release, blog, and visit big events on campus that helps you to understand the school’s personality and their values.

Moreover, when you are writing about school, you need to use the right tone for which you are specifically writing it-admission representatives. Use active language, smooth transition, and attention-grabbing start to the statement that reflects why you want to be the part of the school.  It should be focused on your academic goals and remember you don’t need to put lots of jargon.

Make sure that your statement is free from any grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, and most importantly it should not be copied. Your small mistake can directly impact on your admission by leaving your negative impression on the admission officer. 

These are a few tips that can help you in writing a personal statement for your grad school admission.

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