Undergraduate Business School Application – Personal Statement (“PS”) Consultation

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Category: Pre and on-going Undergraduate Business School Advisory

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We cannot over-stress the importance of a personal statement. It conveys the first impression of yourself to admission officers. Beyond getting a place in a coveted program, it takes exceptional communication skills and clarity in thinking to write a succinct yet aspirational personal statement. Our consultants provide advice and training to candidates to hone their personal statements. The consultant will provide advice to ensure the personal statement cast the best light on the candidate, and covers critical points that all admission officers will seek out. An outstanding personal statement makes a big difference to your application and can be the key to win a place at desired school of choice.

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Ideal Candidate:  Students who are Applying to Undergraduate Business School

Personal statement (“PS”) is a crucial part of the application process for all undergraduate business schools.  The Admission Committees evaluates candidates based on the personal statements they submit.  The PS portion of the application is heavily weighed.  An inadequate, generic and unconvincing PS could lead to admission not being offered; despite having stellar academic performance. With a stellar applicant pool and stiff competition, an excellent PS could be a determining factor of whether a student receives admission.

This consultation includes up to six (6) online sessions of up to forty minutes (40) each time over a four-month period.  E-mail communication with the team is included during the consultation period.



To help candidates prepare their Personal Statement for Undergraduate Business School.



Sessions 1 to 6 (40 Minutes):

Our Consultant work one-on-one to provide guidance on how to write an “Persuasive” PS. We will work together with the candidate to create a PS. We want to highlight the skill set of the candidate that will catch the eyes of the Admission Officer.


Final outcome:

To ensure that candidates produce a personal statement that tells their individual story that will catch the eyes of the Admission Office


 * PLEASE NOTE that our consultant will ADVISE/COUNSEL the candidate to write his/her INDIVIDUAL PS.  We do not write it for the candidate and we prohibit any form of plagiarism. If we find any plagiarism and/or copyright infringement during the consultation work, the contract with us will immediately be terminated.  We will have the right to forfeit all payment to us related to this consultation. (Most universities have computer software that can detect plagiarism and candidates found to have plagiarized part of their PS will be disqualified immediately. Universities take this matter very seriously.)


While most candidates on average will find six (6) online sessions to prepare the personal statement adequate, some remaining candidates may need further assistance on this. We can provide additional Forty (40) minutes session at additional cost)



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