How the Strong Interest Inventory® Assessment (SII) Can Help You Find the Right Career




The Strong Interest Inventory assessment


also known as SII, is a career assessment tool that helps individuals identify their interests as one of the most widely used career assessment tools globally to make informed decisions about their education and careers. 


Invented by Briggs-Meyers Company, the SII is based on the work of psychologist Edward K. Strong Jr., who believed that individuals are most likely to be successful in careers that match their interests.  The SII measures a person’s interests in six broad areas: 


Realistic “R”

Interests in working with things, such as tools and machines 



Investigative “I”

Interests in research and problem-solving



Artistic (A)

Interests in creative and expressive activities 



Social (S) 

Interests in working with people 



Enterprising “E”

Interests in leadership and influencing others 



Conventional “C”

Interests in working in an organised and structured environment



How does SII work? 


The SII is a self-report questionnaire that typically takes about 30 to 40 minutes to complete.  It consists of more than 200 items, each of which is a statement about an interest or activity.    You will be asked to rate each item on a scale of 1 (like least) to 5 (like most). 


Once the test is completed, your SII results will be compared to the results of a large sample of individuals who have successful careers in different fields.  


As an authorised service provider certified by the Meyers-Briggs Company, Bearing Academy consultants will carefully assess your SII results and tailor a report that shows your interests in relation to possible occupations.   Students can combine the test results with their academic performance to explore various career paths by analysing job descriptions of available vacancies in the job market.    The SII results are also a valuable reference for individuals to identify their strengths and weaknesses.  For instance, if you have high scores in the Realistic and Investigative scales, you may have strengths in areas such as problem-solving, analytical thinking, and working with machines. 



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