Professional school application consultation to maximize your admission prospects to professional law or medical school


The application, admission and interviewing process for professional law school and medical school can be hard and fraught with challenges in the absence of proper guidance. Even if you have a sterling academic record, you may be denied admission if you do not write your personal statement in an impressive way that could grab the attention of the interviewing officers. Personal statement is an important part of the admissions process to professional law and medical school, and it must be crafted keeping certain parameters and objectives in mind. There is so much misinformation surrounding admissions to professional law and medical schools, and if you act on this misleading information, it will do more harm to you than anything else. You also need to get recommendation letters, and do tons of extracurriculars. 

If you want to eliminate these issues, you should seek professional school application consultation from the experts of Bearing Academy that has experts from the fields of law and medicine with over two decades of experience of working in the respective fields. The consultation is provided to maximize odds for the candidates for admission to the professional school. Being the trusted professional school application consultation provider, Bearing Academy provides a comprehensive overview of the law and medical fields, so that you are well prepared for the challenges and life in the professional law or medical school. 

Helping you realize your dream 

The experts providing professional school application consultation clear all doubts of the applicants related to admission and interview process, including financing and funding options that they can avail of. The consultants work one-on-one with the applicants, and help them realize their dream of a bright future. The ideal candidates for professional school application consultation would be high school applicants and university students. Professional school application consultation is provided by the experts of Bearing Academy over a period of four months to help students select the right programs that are suitable for their career goals. 

The experts providing professional school application consultation evaluate the candidate’s academic potential, technical & soft skills, and background. The team will then provide a considered opinion on the candidate’s prospects of admission to the preferred professional school. The consultants will recommend suitable extra-curricular activities and appropriate skills and internship programs to candidates so that these can be included in the application to maximize their chances of admission. 

Four consulting sessions over a period of four months 

Professional school application consultation is provided by Bearing Academy in four sessions over four months. In the first 45 minutes evaluation session, the consultants work one-on-one with the candidates to evaluate each candidate’s academic performance, technical & soft skills, and individual background. The candidate should submit their academic record and personal portfolio to the consultant prior to the session. 

The second 45 minutes recommendation session will be conducted based on the evaluation of the first session, and suitable steps to be taken will be advised. In the third 45 minutes session, the consultants will develop an action plan to meet the individual needs. The last session will discuss any issues pertaining to the action plan or other questions in regard to the profession. 


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